Permanent makeup has been all the rage lately, with eyebrow tattoos leading the way towards us truly being able to wake up looking gorgeous and honestly say, “I woke up like this.”


However, not all permanent makeup jobs are made equal. Maybe you had a shoddy job done by an inexperienced provider, maybe you decided those fierce-looking eyebrows you once loved just aren’t for you anymore. Maybe you had a negative reaction, or maybe you’ve just had a change of heart about permanent makeup altogether.


Whatever the case may be, you might not want to have your eyebrow tattoo any longer. If that’s the case, we have some good news for you: permanent doesn’t really mean permanent in this sense, and with some simple saline eyebrow tattoo removal, you can have your tattoo removed as if you never got it in the first place!



If you choose to undergo the saline removal procedure, it will be performed by a certified professional. The process is nearly identical to the application of the permanent makeup, but instead of pigment, you will have a saline solution injected into the tattooed area.


As the saline is introduced to the pigment, the ink will be extracted from the skin. Unlike other types of tattoo removal, with saline eyebrow tattoo removal, the skin remains intact and the process is much less painful than other removal processes.


Waiting periods between treatments are between 4 and 6 weeks. Users will see results quickly and be able to resume their lives as normal before they had the permanent makeup applied!



We believe in saline eyebrow tattoo removal as the best method for removal of permanent makeup for a lot of reasons. Here are just a few of the reasons that we recommend saline over other removal methods:


  • Gentle and Effective: Saline leaves your skin intact, unlike dermabrasion and other methods that people use, and it is by far one of the least painful ways to have a tattoo removed. This gentle and effective tattoo removal method will successfully lift the ink from your tattoo without irritation, which is especially nice since it is so near your eye and is extremely delicate skin.

  • Simple Procedure: The procedure is done nearly identically to how the initial tattoo was applied in the first place, only with saline rather than pigment. This makes it easy for a person to know what they are getting themselves into before the procedure begins and to know that they can handle it.

  • Safe: While many other tattoo removal methods come with inherent risks, such as irritation, scarring, and more, saline eyebrow tattoo removal does not have any of these risks and is a safe way to have tattoos lightened or removed.



If you an eyebrow tattoo that you want to have removed, then saline eyebrow tattoo removal might be right for you! Here at Crispy Brows Studio, we offer saline eyebrow tattoo removal in lieu of laser tattoo removal or other, more dangerous options. Get in touch today so we can book your appointment or answer any questions!

Saline Removal by Leslianne @la_raine_microblading

Saline Removal by Leslianne @la_raine_microblading